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Kids Forever

Christian Preschool

for 2-5 year olds 

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Nau mai, Haere mai to Kids Forever Christian Preschool.

We are a wonderful local early childhood centre, serving our Mt Albert community for over 29 years, we are genuinely a non-profit charitable organization and our complete focus is on nurturing, caring and educating children, never as a money making venture or big business model.  Our whole purpose of existing is to provide outstanding care and education, to be a unique out of home experience, to share the love of God and to be a blessing to families – we are here to help you! Being non-profit also means we are a very well-resourced centre, as anything earned is invested back into the centre.

Our centre may look small from the outside but once you step through our doors, you’ll see how huge and beautiful it is – it’s a hidden gem! We have a huge adventure filled all-weather covered play area out back, real grass play areas, places to climb and hide, bike tracks, vegetable gardens, a guinea pig hutch and a massive sandpit , we could go on!

We provide convenient hours for working families, open from 8am to 4:30pm

Our Philosophy: Kids Forever is a Christian Preschool established to provide a nurturing environment in which Gods love is demonstrated. Our priority is providing excellent care and education, where each child is accepted and valued as an individual and where they can develop; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Special Character: Christian beliefs, principles and values are at the heart of the operation of Kids Forever Christian Preschool. This Christian perspective will underpin and guide all aspects of our administrative and teaching practice. The basic tenet of our belief is that God loves each individual who is created unique and special in God’s sight. We uphold that God can be known and enjoyed through a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Prayer is central and is integrated into the daily life of the Centre.

Top: Teacher Shane (started July 2018) , Teacher Krystyna (started May 2010), Teacher Lynette (started October 2017) , Bottom: Teacher Sarah (started Jan 2003), Teacher Heidi (started June 2016)

good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.

The teaching staff at Kids Forever are committed to the philosophies and Christian Character of the Preschool. Our teaching team is made up of the most delightful and outstanding teachers who are all very passionate about children, this is not just a job for us, we put our heart and soul into everything we do! We provide wonderful challenging learning experiences that foster children’s growing sense of themselves as competent and capable learners.

We encourage and support each child individually to gain independent thinking as they explore and make exciting discoveries at our centre. Our team interacts with children in ways that affirm their ideas and choices and enriches their play and conversation. Our team seek to demonstrate Gods love in all their interactions with the children through their personal warmth and professionalism.

All staff will model appropriate behaviours, and demonstrate respect for each other and work together for the best interests of the children. We will have a committed team approach where individual strengths are recognized and utilized. Open, honest communication between staff will be fostered and we desire to constantly improve the quality of the service provided to the children.

The needs of the child are our first consideration with their whanau being central in the decision making concerning their children.

All children will be respected and treated equally regardless of religion, colour, race, gender, condition, or place in the community. No child will be compared with other children but accepted for who they are and where they are at. We want children to be creative and to learn naturally while exploring their environment. We recognize that all children are unique and have their own special needs which require individual attention within the bounds of acceptable behaviour. We seek to acknowledge this and be will be considerate of them, both in a group situation and individually. Each child will be loved, accepted and made to feel worthwhile using positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement to encourage the required behaviour.

The staff of Kids Forever desire to create a warm, welcoming, family like atmosphere and of peace and belonging, where the emotional needs of children will be nurtured. We aim to create a bright and attractive child focused physical environment which is stimulating to the senses and is safe, secure and hygienic. Children’s artwork will be valued and current and thematic displays will be a vital part of the Centre’s decor. Within the Centre there will always be a soothing withdrawal space where a child can retreat to be quiet and reflective.

We have a huge adventure filled all-weather covered play area out back, real grass play areas, places to climb and hide, bike tracks, vegetable gardens, a guinea pig hutch and a massive sandpit , we could go on!

We have learning displayed on the walls updated fortnightly, around centre learning focuses that constantly change depending on the children’s interests. Each week we learn a different bible story and we display the story each week with pictures of children learning this in  a variety of ways eg, drama, drawing the story, creating art about the story, children telling the story using props etc


At Kids forever we provide a perfect mix of learning through structure and play, modelled to help your children adapt into school structures easily. We provide children with the opportunity to learn with loving excellent teachers, amazing well planned innovative group times. At Kids Forever children’s imaginations are encouraged and extended, they are able to explore the environment freely and the lessons provided gently help children to understand the world around them, and assist them in learning character-building skills that will benefit them socially, intellectually and emotionally.

The education and care for young children at Kids Forever Preschool aims to facilitate the development of self-esteem, confidence, independence and interest in learning. The children will be encouraged to extend themselves to the best of their ability according to their individual learning styles and needs.

Each term every individual child has an individual learning focus that we support them to achieve. As teachers it is important that we provide opportunities for your child to experience new challenges, co-operative ventures, and sustained projects. These experiences will help to meet their expanding capabilities and provide a smooth transition to school. We encourage parents/whanau voices all the way through your child journey at Kids Forever. 

We provide:

  • Teachers and environments that are well resourced, provide appropriate challenges, and support children’s widening interests and problem-solving capacities.
  • Opportunities for familiar but flexible routines, and new and self-directed challenges,
  • Teachers who can encourage sustained conversations, queries, and complex thinking, including concepts of fairness, difference, and similarity.
  • Opportunities to use language to explore and direct thinking and learning tasks.
  • A widening range of resources for creative expression, symbolizing, and representation.
  • Recognition of their developing sense of humor, which springs from new understandings about how things “ought” to be.
  • Challenging opportunities which keep pace with their physical co-ordination and development.
  • Opportunities for independent exploration and movement.
  • A flexible programme which can accommodate children’s spontaneity and whims at a pace that allows them to try things themselves or with others.
  • Responsive and predictable teachers who both understand and accept all children’s developmental swings and needs.
  • Group interactions as well as one-to-one responsive interactions.
  • Teachers who are consistently responsible for and available to each child; sociable, loving, and physically responsive teachers who are in tune to a child’s individual needs.
  • Teachers and environments that build trust.
  • Partnership between parents and the other adults involved in caring for the child.







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