About Us

Latest Review of Kids Forever By a Parent – Koreen Liew-Young  https://www.koreenliewyoung.com/post/kids-forever-the-light-in-isolation

We are a beautiful local early childhood centre, serving our Mt Albert community for over 29 years.

Our centre may look small from the outside but once you step through our doors you’ll see how huge and beautiful it is – it’s a hidden gem!

10896910_885877728122670_8470739180943850012_nWe invite you to come visit our happy boutique preschool in the heart of our Mount Albert community.

Please read our Information Booklet – it contains basically everything you could possibly need to know about our beautiful happy centre!

1. NEW JUNE 2020 Information book about Kids Forever Booklet

2. NEW JUNE 2020 Enrolment Agreement Form