Connections between home and centre

home-centreWe cherish and encourage strong links between families and preschool.  We recognise this by keeping in regular contact with the children’s homes by encouraging parent-teacher interactions and through involvement of parents in the centre.  Planned family events will give parents the opportunity to get to know the Centre staff and other families.

Two-way, open communication between Centre staff and families will be encouraged.  If a child needs some extra support we will always consult the parent first and most difficulties can easily be resolved through good communication, kindness and love. We recognise that families have their own beliefs and culture which will always be respected within our christian ethos.

We will encourage and provide opportunities for parents and people in the community to be involved within the Centre where appropriate.  Our Centre is open to visitors and in particular, people from the community, but Centre protocols will need to be followed for the safety of the children.