At Kids Forever Preschool we provide awesome activities and learning opportunities that aim to provide exciting education and care for young children that supports the development of their self-esteem, confidence, independence and interest in learning.

The children are always encouraged to extend themselves to the best of their ability according to their individual learning styles and needs.

Everyday we have a jam packed programme that inspires learning and joy with children –  check out our facebook page for amazing pictures of our innovative centre.

The following practices will be adopted

  1. The activities provided in the centre will be structured around the children’s interests with the opportunity for them to choose what they want to do, thus giving them greater responsibility.
  2. Children will be allowed to experiment with materials and explore their environment within safe boundaries.
  3. Children will be listened to without interruption whenever possible and their ideas will be valued and respected. They will be encouraged to ask questions knowing there is no fear of a negative reaction.
  4. Teacher guidance should be initiated in response to observation of a child’s interest, with direction given to challenge and extend them where appropriate.
  5. Children will be encouraged and expected to join in the routines of the day which provide stability, familiarity and a sense of positive anticipation.
  6. The children will know that their property and work is respected by the staff and that they are expected in turn to respect the property and work of others and the Centre’s resources.
  7. The children will be encouraged to adopt culturally appropriate practices and be required to exhibit good etiquette, behaviour and politeness always.
  8. The children will be encouraged to put away their own belongings and activities when they have finished with them thus contributing to the order and tidiness of the Centre and showing respect for others.
  9. The children will be given encouragement to extend themselves to the best of their ability and thus develop a sense of personal achievement.
  10. The curriculum will recognize the varied individual learning styles and needs of each child.

Thursday 4-year-old session 
What is this session all about? To encourage children to love learning, to prepare them for the concept of structured learning like at school, to give children the opportunity to understand the notion of homework, and that it can be fun. To provide children with opportunities to be proud of what they have accomplished and have ownership of their special workbook, the concept of getting the books marked on time, and looking after them.

Instead of doing our usual session mat-times we have an extended flexible time where the children sit in small groups participating in group learning with a teacher, using worksheets, props, abc cards etc with the purpose of preparing children for school.

The aim of this session is to encourage children to LOVE learning, to prepare them for the concept of structured learning like at school, to foster in children the knowledge of what homework actually is, (and that it can be fun)  the ability to learn alongside peers, and to follow instructions etc.