Fees, timetables & session info

Full-day and Sessional options available

Preferred minimum of 15 hours per week enrolment for all 3 + 4 year olds. Minimum of 2 sessions per week for all children attending. Come chat to us though, we are always flexible!

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Kids Forever Christian Preschool observes primary school holidays.

For children enrolled in all-days (7+hrs, 3-5yrs), we provide amazing additions to the curriculum each week. On Wednesdays, we pay for Playball Sports Coaches to come in and run a 45min class with the all-day children (Costs us $11 per session per child) AND one Mondays, we pay for an amazing Professional Dance Teacher to come in and run a 45min dance & drama class with our all-day children (Costs us $10 per session per child).

This is a fantastic educational extension we provide at our already incredible centre, that we feel adds extra fun and learning to the day for the all-day children 🙂