The Learning environment

The staff of Kids Forever desire to create a warm, welcoming, family like atmosphere and of peace and belonging, where the emotional needs of children will be nurtured. We aim to create a bright and attractive child focused physical environment which is stimulating to the senses and is safe, secure and hygienic. Children’s artwork will be valued and current and thematic displays will be a vital part of the Centre’s decor. Within the Centre there will always be a soothing withdrawal space where a child can retreat to be quiet and reflective.

We have a huge adventure filled all-weather covered play area out back,real grass play areas, places to climb and hide, bike tracks, vegetable gardens, a guinea pig hutch and a massive sandpit , we could go on!d d

We have learning displayed on the walls updated fortnightly, around centre learning focuses that constantly change depending on the children’s interests. Each week we learn a different bible story and we display the story each week with pictures of children learning this in  a variety of ways eg, drama, drawing the story, creating art about the story, children telling the story using props etc

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